Make Water from Air ™

Water from Air ™ machines allow you to make your own water and take control of your own supply.

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Our smallest machine, the Water from Air™ AW3  makes up to 32 litres of great tasting, purified water straight from the air. Our largest, scalable machines (WFA100+) make up to 1500 litres per day, per unit – for example, if the need is 6000 litres per day, the configuration will require 4 stackable units.

For your Home

Make water from thin air in your own home. Pure drinking water, that is completely safe for you and your family – simply plug and play.

For your office

A cost effective solution for your office. Control your carbon footprint, avoid ordering in heavy bottles and coolers.


Bottle your own water for resale, or provide your patrons with clean, pure drinking water.

Remote Water

We are able to harvest water in remote areas such as lodges & oil rigs where a direct source of water is unavailable.

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