Water from Air™ - Providing a pure drinking water solution to the world

Water from Air™ have the drinking solution available to Africa and the world. Unlike traditional sources like tap water and bottled water, Water from Air™ is truly available from source – the Air!


Replace old style coolers & produce water straight from the air in your office.


Bottle your own water, and make Water for your restaurant or bar. Pure drinking water for your customers.


Imagine producing pure, cooled and perfect water straight in your home. Safe for you and your family.

A product range to produce for your needs

With the threat of continued drought and contaminated water placing human kind under severe water threat, we provide a safe drinking solution.

Water from Air is devoted to supplying our customers with a pure drinking solution. Safe for your family, staff, patrons and guests.


Produce up to 32 litres per day

Ideal for office, restaurant or home use. The AW3 produces up to 32 litres of water per day.

Produce up to 60 litres per day

The WFA6 produces up to 60 litres of water per day and is ideal for larger offices and restaurants.

Produce up to 1500 litres per day

Our largest machine the WFA100+ produces up to 1500 litres of water per day. From Clinics to Bottling plants.

Do you have a lot of questions?

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