As levels have now been raised to 6B we have now had a monumental increase in demand from Cape Town. This page is to keep you updated on our deliveries and stock on hand.

Do we have stock?

We sold out in 6 days of our January stock. With over 5000 enquiries in a few days we are doing our best to get as much off the line as possible to keep up with the demand. We have stock now coming in through March, April and May.

Once ordered we will keep you updated on when you can expect delivery of your machine.

May Stock – AW3 in stock

How do I order?

You can now back order your unit on this link

Payment is via EFT or PayFast, and once ordered we will give you a call.

If you would like an official quote and invoice for a business, checkout and add your VAT invoice in the ‘notes’ section of the email.

How does delivery take place?

We do of course offer delivery free of charge and would prefer to have a Water from Air representative help you to position the machine correctly. In the crisis gripping Cape Town, we want to ensure our backup is maintained to the highest levels and our standards are met.

With this in mind, we have split Cape Town into ‘zones’ and will deliver machines on specified days in those zones. Once ordered we will let you know what days we can deliver in your zone.

If you do not require this service, you can also let us know as collection is an option.

Do we have back up in Cape Town?

Yes, we have a warehouse near the airport in Cape Town. We will not disclose the location as we may put our staff at risk if day zero does happen.

We have technicians and are in the process of interviewing more technical staff as the demand has increased since the 16th of January.

All operations, invoicing and admin will still continue from our head office in Durban, and all enquiries will remain on our 031 569 2061 number, or

How much water will I yield from the AW3 in Cape Town?

The purpose of our water from air machines are for people to produce drinking and cooking water. You can get a great indication on page 8 of our brochure as the machines work off humidity and temperature combined.

Cape Town does have sufficient humidity and the feedback from current customers is the AW3 model yields between 10-20 litres per day based on our own tests, but more importantly from current customers.

This is perfect for a family looking to supplement their drinking and cooking water.

How much are the consumables, how often do they need to be changed?

Changing filters and maintaining the machine can be done by anyone who knows how to operate a screwdriver.  All spares can be ordered on our spares page 

Filters – Need changing every 6-12 months – R675 ex VAT

RO Bladder – Needs changing every 24 months – R875 ex VAT

UV lights – These last approx. 12 – 18 months – R750 for all 3 (ex VAT)