Water from Air™ for your Home

Make up to 32 litres per day of pure drinking water from your home.

Families are now taking control of specifically what they are putting into their bodies. Water from our taps can contain chlorine, metals from ageing pipes and hormones. We also face the increased threat of drought effecting our water supply.

Water from Air™ home machines produce pure, soft water that you and your family can trust with a PH balance of 8.3. Our home machine generates up to 32 litres of water per day depending on the humidity in your area.

Our machines and all parts are shipped from Durban, with a full 2 year warranty on all parts, along with a spare set of filters (needs changing every 6-12 months) and Reverse osmosis bladder (needs changing every 18-24 months)

How does the Water from Air™ machine work?

  1. Humidity – The journey of your water starts as moisture in the Air which is drawn into the machine through air filters.
  2. Condensing coils – The moisture then passes through sophisticated condensing coils allowing condensation to occur, and water is produced.
  3. Filtration & Mineralisation – The water is then filtrated through an advanced filtration process and is then mineralised before consumption.
  4. Ultra Violet Sterilisation – The water passes through a unique Ultra Violet sterilisation process to ensure the water is safe, and free from bacteria, viruses, yeast, algae & any other pathogens.
  5. Pure drinking Water – The water is pure, soft and ready to drink with a PH balance of 8.3. The water can then also be bottled and stored.

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