Water from Air FWA6
Water from Air FWA6 full lengthWater from Air FWA6 microcomputer

Water from Air™- WFA6

R48,750.00 (Ex.VAT)

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Secure your Water supply now!

We deliver Door to Door ANYWHERE in South Africa within 72 Hours of confirmation of Payment!

South Africans are becoming more & more concerned about the quality of their water OR their uninterrupted supply of reliable water. Ageing infrastructure and the alarming change in weather patterns force us to look for alternative sources. Water from Air provides the solution in a Water Purification plant for your home or office that draws moisture from the Air & produces up to 60 litres of 100 percent pure and soft water per day. This means you can Relax about your water supply and Trust the water you drink.

Highlights include:

  • Sophisticated Touch Screen Micro Computer which ensures the correct running of all internal parts. It also acts to regulate and cool the water through temperature settings.
  • Hot & Cold water Setting allows you to pour coffee or tea directly from the FWA6.
  • 9 Point Multi Stage Filtration Process to ensure quality in every drop.
  • Advanced 3 stage Ultra Violet Light Sterilisation System to eliminate Bacteria, Yeast and Algae.
  • Electronic Sensors ensure that all parts are working properly and warn you should a breakdown or performance irregularity occur in the machine.(Technicians are on hand throughout South Africa in the event that this occurs)
  • Water Re circulation occurs and ensures that stored water keeps fresh and clean and avoids secondary pollution.

Product Description


  • Produces up to 60 litres per day
  • Dimensions of WFA6 Height 112 cm
  • Width 59cm
  • Length 59cm
  • Net Weight 90kg (Empty)
  • Power (Compressor &  Fan) (230V – 1~ – 50Hz)
  • Input Power: 1600W
  • Operating power:  Heating 500W / Cooling 1000w
  • Working Temperature 15℃ ~ 40℃
  • Working Humidity 35% ~ 95%
  • Temperature of Cold Water 4ᵒC-10ᵒC
  • Temperature of Cold Water 75ᵒC-95ᵒC
  • Water Storage Capacity: 45 Litres
  • Automatic level sensors


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