Water from Air WFA6

R36,225.00 Including VAT

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The WFA6 is a purification plant for your restaurant, office or home.

The machine draws water vapour straight from the source (the air) and converts this into water. This water then passes through a sediment filter, carbon filters, TCR filter and reverse osmosis. It is also sterilised thoroughly through 3 UV lights, removing pathogens, algae and bacteria.

The water produced is pure, safe drinking water that is safe for your body, soft and great tasting!



Highlights include :

  • A sophisticated microcomputer to ensure that every part runs smoothly.
  • Multi stage filtration through pre carbon, post carbon, reverse osmosis and a TCR filter.
  • 3 Ultra violet lights placed in the lower tank, upper tank and dispensing unit to ensure that algae, bacteria, viruses, yeast and any other pathogens are removed.
  • Water re circulation to ensure the water is fresh.


Dimensions : 111cm x 59cm x 59cm

Power supply : 230V/ 50Hz

Operation Wattage : 1600W

Heating Wattage : 500W

Total Current : 2.1 – 2.2A

Storage capacity : 45 Litres

Hot Storage capacity : 3.5 Litres

Humidity Range : 35% – 95%

Refrigerant : R407c 800g

Temperature Range : 15 – 40 degrees celcius

High Pressure : 2.8MPa

Lower Pressure : 1MPa




1 review for Water from Air WFA6

  1. afraseem

    in which currency the prices are mentioned ?

    • Lindsay Dillman

      Hi, they are in South African Rand

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