• Produce up to 1500 litres per day
  • Can be used for various applications
  • Full filtration system
  • UV sterilised, producing clean pure water
  • Multi sensors to ensure your machine runs smoothly
  • Advanced micro computer to monitor water supply

About the WFA100+


The WFA100+ is a highly sophisticated water generator developed and manufactured in South Africa. The use of the machine can vary (as below) but the machine is essentially a stand alone purification plant.

The machine draws water vapour straight from the source (the air) and converts this into water. This water then passes through a sediment filter, carbon filters, a TCR filter and reverse osmosis. It is also sterilised thoroughly through UV lights, which removes pathogens, algae and bacteria.

The water produced is pure, safe drinking water that is perfectly safe for human consumption.

Water from Air™ is able to work with clients to install the system in any environment, with mobile units also available.

  • Bottling Plant Water source
  • Remote Camp Water source
  • Water source for high rise building
  • Supplement home use
  • Clinics/Hospitals
  • Mining
  • Shipping/Oil Rigs

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