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  • Secure your own safe water supply
  • Produce up to 60 litres of water per day
  • Dispense both hot and cold water
  • UV sterilised and filtered to produce soft, clean, pure water
  • Multi sensors to ensure your machine runs smoothly
  • Advanced micro computer to monitor water supply

Imagine Harvesting your own Water from Air™

Imagine just for a moment harvesting your own soft, purified water for your customers, staff or in your own home. Our bodies are made up of 75% water, and we often forget that water is the most valuable, precious and life saving resources we have.

As the worlds population and cities expand, the threat to our pure drinking water has increased. We now look to tap water or bottled water to supply us with drinking water. The challenge we have though can range from drought, ageing infrastructure, pollution and trusted bottled water suppliers. All these combined have put us in a position that we may not be able to trust what we place in our bodies in terms of water.


Water from Air™ has the solution


The WFA6 is essentially a purification plant that is a plug and play. The machine draws water vapour straight from the source (the air) and converts this into water. This water then passes through a sediment filter, carbon filters, TCR filter and reverse osmosis. It is also sterilised thoroughly through 3 UV lights, removing pathogens, algae and bacteria.

The water produced is pure, safe drinking water that is safe for your body, soft and great tasting!

How does it work?

  • Water vapour, available in the air is drawn into the machine.
  • The Vapour passes through a filter and onto condensing coils.
  • The condensing coils convert the vapour into water.
  • The water is then passed into a stainless steel lower tank fitted with a UV light, which serves to remove pathogens, algae and bacteria.
  • Once the lower tank is full, the water passes through a sediment filter, and then through pre carbon and post carbon filters.
  • The water then undergoes reverse osmosis and is then fed through a TCR filter, which adds minerals to the water.
  • The water is then stored in an upper stainless steel tank and again treated with UV light sterilisation and is ready for drinking.
  • We then dispense water through the front of the machine, where it undergoes UV sterilisation one last time to produce clean, pure drinking water.

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